Dear Lebneters,

We are excited to announce the new LebNet website.

This site has been developed to re-launch our LebNet community and
accommodate many of the requests that you asked for. Before we open
the site to new members we need all active LebNet users to register.
Registration is open to all existing LebNet users and subject to verification.

By registering on the new website you will be able to:
1- Browse the directory of all registered LebNet users
2- Register online for upcoming events (and pay ahead of time if
3- Read related LebNet news
4- Check posted pictures from various events
5- Donate tax-deductible money to LebNet as applicable (remember
Lebnet is registered as a 501c3 non-profit organization)
6- Post job related news (either looking for people, or looking for a
and many more....

You will have the option to register with your own credentials. You
will be able to share whatever work or personal info with the LebNet
community. So head to the registration page now and register
either as a Student or a Professional. If you want to be part of the
database and benefit from all the new services, you need to register.
The process is easy and will take 2 minutes.

While we will maintain other social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and
Google Groups) the main communications will be done via this site so
it is important that you register.

Feel free to send any website comments/feedback to