The LebNet Youth Initiative event was held at the reputable San Francisco offices of our sponsor, Pillsbury law firm. Almost 50 people attended, long time LebNet members as well as a good number of new members.Dissemination of the information about this event was made possible thanks to the collaboration of our partner students organizations, LSAB, LCN,  and LSSU, as well as by the Youth Initiative Task force team.
Najib Khouri-Haddad, LebNet corporate secretary presented the organization from inception until today. Audience showed interest in LebNet membership requirements and benefits.  
Abdo Kadifa, LebNet Board member and prominent  Silicon Valley executive,  presented his journey to success in the Silicon valley, and stressed the importance of having a Network such as LebNet to rely upon. Abdo underlined the fact that LebNet needs to reach a critical mass of members to be able to successfully reach its three year strategic goals.
Mik Naayem, Founder of Fuel, and LebNet mentee, shared with the attendants 3 short inspiring stories about a young man's challenges a a first time entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. He also focused on the importance of a network of like minded people, with whom " we can can have honest conversations".
Fehmi Hamdane, presented on behalf of the Youth Initiative Task force, the goals and perspectives of the generation Y.Then his team mates, Elie Noune and Tarik Batal, interacted with the crowd, raising questions of interest that created an animated and informative debate about the needs of the new generation. 
Anwar Sukkarieh, founder of Saturna Green Systems, a Lebanese Canadian start up shed light on the Lebanese diaspora  there, and offered internships and jobs in his company.
Thank you all for coming!
Enjoy the pictures from the event below.